Jessica - July 7, 2020


explain my mission and the Sunnyside story I have to first tell you about the 4 experiences that inspired me to increase my positivity and overall kindness

Experience #1: Like many people, I deal with chronic illness. It all started for me when I was a senior in College and has stuck with me for 6 years now. Through these years I have learned many lessons but the biggest one is that my mindset changes everything. There were days that I would sit around and feel sorry for myself, wallowing in the pain I was feeling. Then there were days that I didn't let the pain hold me back, I was determined to have a good day, to get the things done that I needed to or enjoy the moments that I was in. It is obvious which days were better for me. The funny thing is, on these days my pain and discomfort could have been exactly the same, it was my mindset that changed. I have learned that positivity gave me power over my circumstance. I was no longer a victim.

Experience #2: During my difficult moments one of the things that gave me strength to over come was positive and inspiring words. I would find myself searching Pinterest for words that filled my soul with hope and comfort. I began handlettering the quotes that meant the most to me and eventually I would share them on social media. I was amazed at the influence these words had on me as well as those I share them with. Words have immense power to inspire us, encourage us, and ultimately change our lives.

Experience #3 A friend once told me about an experience that should have been beautiful and rewarding, but it was destroyed. Destroyed by gossip coming from people she thought were her friends. I’ve heard these kinds of stories before but this time I was struck by the impact those unkind words had on the life of my friend. I was reminded of the many times I had thoughtlessly said insensitive things about others, sometimes even my friends. Had those words made it back to them? Had I ruined an experience that could have been amazing? I learned words have immense power to hurt, damage, and destroy lives.

Experience #4 After talking to my friend I decided I HAD to do my best to keep unkind words to myself. Well, that is easier said than done. People are flawed! Amazing and wonderful, but definitely flawed. Something had to replace those unkind words and thoughts or they would keep on coming. My answer was rather obvious, there is something just as impactful as negative words and actions; positive words and actions! I thought of ways I could fill my life with positivity. I started an instagram account that was dedicated to positive quotes and insights. The feeling of sharing positivity and hearing of how it worked in the lives of others was electrifying. I began to think of the struggles of other people and search for quotes I could share that would best support and inspire them. Again, I learned words have immense power.

These 4 experiences played a huge role in my decision to start Sunnyside Creations and in the type of business I wanted it to be. I wanted to use the immense power of words to bring joy and positivity to people's lives. I wanted to comfort people who were hurting, encourage those who were struggling, show appreciation to those who give so much and spread the wisdom and power that comes from the world around us. Whether through a necklace they put on everyday or a simple quote card on the mirror. I wanted my business to inspire people to live their best and most beautiful life.

Will you join me in sharing positivity and kindness?