The Moon Necklace | You don't have to be whole in order to shine

Posted by Jessica Mastin on


In a world where we are always on display it is easy to get caught up in comparison. We feel like we have to be perfect, all the time. There are no room for mistakes. However, being human, mistakes our in our nature, which means we often feel like we don't measure up.

This is especially true with people who struggle with mental illness. The struggle to fight against feelings of being broken, burdensome and worthless are constant. They cannot see what we see. As friends and family of those who struggle we see all they bring to the world. We see their strength, talents and unique gifts. We see that even though they feel far from whole they still SHINE.

That is the purpose of the Moon Necklace. To remind all those who are struggling that they still bring so much light to this world. A reminder that they are seen and noticed, they don't have to struggle alone. But most of all, a reminder that as they bravely battle those feelings, they shine, they shine brightly.




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