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Sometimes, it's not so much the gift, but the support, appreciation or love you wish to give. Each Sunnyside Creations Collection is designed to convey a specific emotion. Beyond that, each meaningful necklace was created to speak to individual circumstances. In this post I will be diving into the purpose behind each collection, to better help you decide which gift fits your needs best.

The Encouragement Collection

Each of these 8 pieces were specifically designed to encourage and uplift others when they struggle. We have all had those times when a friend, loved one or even an acquaintance is really struggling. Although you want to help reach out and comfort them, you just don't know what to say or do. When I created this collection, I had this exact situation in mind. You never have to feel at a loss again. Whether you send it straight to their door or give it in person, this comforting gift is sure to touch their heart. 

The Wisdom Collection

This compilation of 7 necklaces was created to promote living an inspired and full life. Each piece is paired with words to live by. Encouraging a life of kindness, confidence, and self love. Reminding the recipient that they have power through their choices, actions and determination. 

The Appreciation Collection

Sometimes, it's those that serve the most who go unappreciated. Our teachers, nurses, friends, sisters and mothers. Of course, we love them and are so grateful for all they do for us. But do they know? It may be hard to open your mouth and say it. Each of these 9 necklaces help to express the gratitude of your heart, even when you can't find the words.

Each meaningful gift is wrapped in inspiration, designed with your individual circumstances in mind. We can help you put what you feel into words, one gift at a time.

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