Do We Have to be Bitter?

Posted by Jessica Mastin on

Everybody is saying it, 2020 has been the absolute worst year ever, WORLD WIDE! Right? Distanced from our friends and family, vacations cancelled, businesses closing, jobs lost, civil unrest and rioting, and loved ones passing away. So many reasons to pray for a better new year and never, ever look back. 

Maybe, that's how you feel, and I definitely don't know your struggles. I have no idea what you have had to go through and may still be going through. But I think even in our different circumstances, there is something we all share. We have all experienced growth and change. We have all learned to appreciate things that we may have taken for granted before. We have found value and joy in small things. 

So, here's my question. Do we have to be bitter? By all means, acknowledge it has been hard, maybe even crushing and world shattering. But is it possible to  find something beautiful in the broken? To focus on the growth and lessons learned? To find solace in the happy moments and in appreciation of the little things?

I challenge you that in spite of all the struggle you may have had this year, don't forget to look back and see how far you've come. 

Here's to a wonderful new year! Full of growth, joy and new lessons to learn!

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